Randall M. Hasson

"Paintings that Inspire Conversation" 

Co Editor, The Speedball Textbook, 24th Centennial Edition

Certified Golden Artist Educator
Randall Hasson is proud to be a
Certified Golden Educator.

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The work of Randall M. Hasson combines fine art and calligraphy to create paintings which, in the words of collectors, "inspire conversation". 

Contemplative Paintings,  portraiture and figurative works and "Legacy Commissions"  offer many options to enjoy this unique form of inspirational art.  

"I want my paintings to have different levels for the viewer to experience, from visual to conceptual, so that one can continually discover new elements as time passes"      R.M. Hasson.

These paintings have been an inspiration to many. 

Produced in Arcylic on Canvas they are individually lettered by hand and layered with color and image through glazing. Each original piece takes 2-3 months to create. They are presented in large canvas panels. Due to the complexity and limited availability of these paintings, they are reproduced in limited Giclee' editions on both canvas and paper. 

Detail; Alaeddin paintingMr. Hasson utilizes a natural gift of combining his many calligraphic hands with image. A trained calligrapher and natural artist, he offers a passionate look at the unique relation between the written word and the visual world. 

We welcome you to enjoy and share this website, references, tools and fine art with your friends and family!

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The Randall M. Hasson Gallery desires to participate in the creation of Inspirational Art through
Contemplative Paintings to the purpose of leaving a legacy to our generation....
 generate s
torehouse reserves in order to give them away...and to inspire Artists to share their gift.