Randall M. Hasson
The Baron Journals
A collaboration of visual and literary art, Visual Artist Randall M. Hasson, and Poet, Chris Baron, have been collaborating on a book called, The Baron Journals. The book visually articulates the spirit of Baron’s poetry by merging it with the disciplines of drawing, painting and calligraphy. 

The goal is to produce a volume in which the images of the poems and the images of the artwork labor together to allow the reader to search and find light in the darkest places, to journey through joy, depth, pain, vision, promise for understanding and ultimately, reconciliation. The work centers around an identity of Jewish heritage, but the transcendent themes will relate and inspire any person of faith and cross cultural boundaries with emotional imagery that fosters common understanding in any reader who is interested in a personal journey of heritage, spirituality history, and identity. 

The Baron Journals explores traditional concepts of composition and also succeeds as it confronts the challenge of creating a mood and a pace that aides the reader in experiencing the emphases within the written poetic passages.