Randall M. Hasson
Portraiture can be accomplished in a traditional format of Oil on canvas or can be designed to include calligraphy as text to go along with the image wherein Acrylic is used.

The examples below show the variety of ideas that can be used to execute a traditional or non-traditional portrait. Custom portraits are priced based on canvas size and number of images and or text.   Prices begin at about $1500

Original 24 x 48 Acrylic on canvas
16 X 20 Oil on Canvas 
Collection The Artist NFS 

Basking in the Father's Love 
Original - Sold 

20 X 24 Oil on canvas

"Holly Waiting" 
Original  - 62 X 39 Oil on Canvas SOLD

          "Ana's Mom" 
  14x18 Oil on Canvas 

Remembrance 2
(Study for Repentance)
Original - Sold

The Destination
24 x 24 acrylic on canvas
original sold