Randall M. Hasson

 Journals pages with writing produced for Pirates of the Carribean Special Features

These Journals began shortly after viewing my friend Sharon Zeugin's work at the International Calligraphy  conference in Ohio. Her inspiration, coupled with the fact that I was asked to do some work for the Pirates of the Carribean Special Features, led me to find a large handmade journal. The journal itself is a 12 X 16  handmade book with watercolor paper originating in India... the result is a rough-edged variable-surfaced joy to work on...


Current Journal Project

- The Baron Journals; a collaboration with poet Chris Baron

Journal 1

The text of the journal relates to what I am going through or what I have been impressed with that day or period of time... Sometimes readable, sometimes not... but hopefully the feeling comes through. 

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Journal 2

Begun as an exercise book in a class with Thomas Ingmire July 2004, by the end of the week it had taken on a life of it's own.

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